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Surf Lessons, Paddle Board Tours, and Rental Boards

Surf Lessons, Paddle Board Tours, and Rental Boards

Surfing Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and Surrounding Beaches since 1996

At Kokopelli Surf Camp we offer you everything that is Surfing & Paddle-Boarding: Summer Surf Camps, year-round Surfing & SUP/Paddle-Boarding Lessons & Tours, Board Rentals and much more! Our services are provided through-out the Grand Strand & Myrtle Beach area for ALL ages who wish to enjoy the salt life! Our team of professional surfers will guide you with friends and family in a thrilling, energy fill experience. Feel free & enjoy a fun time at the beach with the locals & what we know best! Surfing areas located in, Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive, Windy Hill, Arcadian Shores, North and South Myrtle Beach.



for as low as $40 !!!

Group lessons scheduled daily across the Grand Strand. 



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Benefits of Surfing

Surfing is a way of connecting to nature, promoting a healthy life-style and well-being; physically, mentally, and spiritually. All while having fun in the sun and cooling off in the ocean waves.Good vibes spread like wild fire! Surfing is a natural and creative activity that has filled the world with surfers on nearly every coastline for these reasons. Learn with us how to ride & enjoy the waves like never before. To feel free, and have fun with friends and family is the true definition of surfing.


Misssion Statement

Kokopelli Surf Camp creates a safe and exciting learning experience, teaching the fundamentals and progressive ways of surfing and paddleboarding. Ocean safety is very important to us. We focus on teaching awareness of ocean waves and control of the board through-out our surfing and SUP experience..

We are professional surfers with a lifetime of surfing & ocean experience, surf instruction accredited, CPR/ First-Aid certification, liscenced & insured.
Our concept and lifestyle revolves around appreciating nature and all it has to offer, keeping the environment clean, and treating others as we'd want to be treated.  This leads to us in leading a happy and healthy surf life!


    At Kokopelli Surf Camp we do more than just teach beginners how to surf! Beginner to expert, students of all skill levels are sure to progress in surfing like never before. We train our surfers confidence, awereness and skills to give them the best ability to win contest or freesurf. We teach all the maneuvers and their variations, such as turns and carving, riding the barrel, catching air, walking the board, hanging ten and much more! With a lifetime of surfing and competition experience we help surfers advance their overall skills to new level.  Do not believe it watch one of your instructors do what he does best, surf!